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Asian inspired flavours

Established 2009




Think that’s just a burger you see on your plate?

Think again!


Every burger we serve at BERGS has a journey. BERGS burgers are meticulously constructed playlists of memories from our travels around Asia and Australia. All our burger patties, sauces, and marinades are handcrafted from secret recipes designed to deliver the freshest, most intense mix of sensations and flavours from our experiences. From the our signature Bergs Sauce, down to the tiniest bit of dill in our tartar, every single ingredient has a story attached.  Even our burger buns are baked daily using a special recipe that compliment every flavour in our burgers. 

Here at BERGS, we are committed to telling you those stories in the most authentic way possible. So ‘Come On In’ and check out the BERGS experience for yourself. Soak up the complex tapestry of aromas ranging from sweet chili sauce to coriander pesto as your patties sizzle and pop right in front of you in our open kitchen. Just try not to drool too much as you chat with our chef.

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Bergs Gourmet Burgers




Monday Free Fries

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We love throwing parties that are just a little different. Imagine your guests at your door, assuming you’re just gonna give them your typical snooze-worthy sandwiches (yawn) and cocktail franks (double yawn). And then you smash their expectations with a handpicked selection of choice gourmet burgers from BERGS instead. Hell yeah.

Our BERGS come in all shapes and sizes to cater to absolutely any kind of event that catches your fancy. Big BERGS for big corporate functions. Small BERGS for your intimate evening soirée. And Mini BERGS, served up on classy and toddler-proof canapé platters for your baby’s first birthday bash.

Give us a call at 6438 6505 to choose your own BERGS adventure. Then put on your monocle and top hat and get ready to dance because we’re gonna razzle dazzle your world!



BERGS now delivers!

Fancy having your scrumptious burger delivered right to your door? Well NOW you can. We now work with Deliveroo to bring BERGS to you! 

Simply log on to Deliveroo to place an order.

Minimum delivery order applies.



 Bergs Gourmet Burgers


You know how the story goes. You want perfection. You make pilgrimages to burger meccas all around the world to find that perfection. You finally end up back home in Singapore with the realization that there is no such thing as perfection, but trying to create it yourself is a ridiculous amount of fun. 

BERGS is the latest installment in the story of two Aussies who are on a quest to devise The Most Super Perfect Awesome Burger. The quest for this perfection is a journey rather than a destination is our realization, and this journey is not BERGS alone. Join us,  go ahead and stuff your face (nobody’s going to judge, we promise), or just relax with an ice cold Aussie beer. Talk to us about your own dream burger. It’ll be fun! (And we’ll probably steal your burger ideas too. Hope you don’t mind.)


Bergs Gourmet Burgers

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We have various full-time and part-time positions to be filled.

Please send your resume to steve@bergsburgers.com for the following positions:

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Bergs Gourmet Burgers